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CNC Routing, CNC Machining, and Engineering Support

Your partner from design through to production. stourbridge, west midlands

what we do


Perfect for one-off prototyping or volume production where accuracy, precision, and surface finish are important.


Ideal for a range of sizes and materials. Components can be made from woods, plastics, and composites up to 2440 x 1220mm in size.


Design for manufacture is key to viability. We offer design and engineering consultancy to support your project’s development and manufacturability. Be it kick-starting a new product, or optimising an existing design.

Welcome to Laight CNC, where innovation, precision, and expertise converge to redefine engineering excellence in the UK. As your premier destination for cutting-edge engineering solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of services including CNC routing, CNC machining, and bespoke design & engineering expertise crafted to meet the diverse demands of businesses and organizations alike.

At Laight CNC, we harness state-of-the-art equipment and pioneering techniques to transform your concepts into reality with unparalleled accuracy and finesse. Whether you require intricate prototypes or large-scale production runs, our adaptable capabilities and extensive industry experience ensure that each project is executed flawlessly, from conception to completion.

Quality and efficiency lie at the heart of everything we do. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves on delivering superior craftsmanship that not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting new benchmarks for industry standards. Our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to perfection ensure that every component we produce is of the highest calibre, guaranteeing optimal performance and durability.

What sets Laight CNC apart is our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. We understand that each project is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet your specific requirements, providing personalized solutions that are as innovative as they are effective. From initial consultation to final delivery, our team of seasoned professionals works closely with you every step of the way, offering expert guidance and support to ensure that your vision is realized to its fullest potential.

Experience the Laight CNC difference and elevate your project to new heights of success. Contact us today to discover how we can turn your ideas into reality and propel your business forward with precision-engineered solutions that set the standard for excellence.